Q: Is this dropshipping?

A: No, Lazerwave LED does not dropship our products. We have a large supply of LED lights ready to ship to your home from the USA.

Q: What size should I get?

A: We recommend the 32ft option, as it should be able to surround the perimeter of most rooms. 

Q: Do they ship with the CR2025 battery for the remote?

A: Yes! All of our Lazerwave LED Strips now ship with the CR2025 battery included!

Q: Can I control multiple led strips with one remote?

A: Yep, you can buy as many strips as you like and control them all with one single remote!

Q: Can I cut the LED Strips to length?

A: Yes, each one of our led strips come pre-marked with lines that are safe to cut. Both ends are still usable after they are cut, except you will need a secondary power source for the remaining strand.

Q: What power adapter do they ship with?

A: Each LED Strip is shipped with a US Plug

Have any more burning questions? Feel free to contact us!